Cosplay experience for Muslimah!

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Cospaly for Muslimah!

Japanese anime is loved by around the world,
Anime is a culture that Japan boasts to the world.
They are a lot of foreigners who come to Japan for studying abroad
that they like Japanese comics and an anime.
The people who can speak a Japanese language have many people who learned in a Japanese anime.

We called Cosplay that become anime character.

You can experience Cosplay in Four-M.That is visited by many foreign tourist to Japan.
So, Four-M presents new service to world people experience a cosplay.

Muslimah cosplay Hijab

We want to go beyond a religion.

Cosplay events have been held in the world.
This HIJABU wig was created by a thought to high quality cosplay to
people of all religion.
Hijab wig was born from such a thought.

Hijab wig

Hijab Wig

Closer to the your image.

Hair wig is important when cosplay.
Muslimah wig had been good until now by same color, little similar.
We made hijab wig. it's more close anime character hair.
Leaving good point of the Hijab.
Hijab wig Usage is only put on your head like a hat.
But you must wearing of inner hijab.
With this close to your ideal character.

only put on hijab wig

Put on !

Hijab wig


Move Mind Make Memories

You become an your ideal, What are you going to do next?

Even photography can get closer to your ideal.

Sometimes, Anime pose has difficult and impposible efeect.
We can photo retouched to add the effect for your photo.
You have imagined it.

The photography are left in the memory as form.
We hope you remember Japan when you see the photography.
We keep in mind to OMOTENASHI
for your Japan trip unforgettable memory.

Hope you'll like Japan.

Let's make best memories.

Hijab wig Sakura
Osaka memories

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