Move Mind Make Memories.


~New style photo studio, Memories are forever.~
Move Mind Make Memories 


Four-M is new style photo studio.
You can experience Japanese culture from a cosplay to a kimono even if your busy trip.
You choose your favorite costume from a lot of things.
would you like to make best memories in Japan with great photographs and good service?
with Family , Lovers , Friends.
We are looking forward to your visit.



Why don’t you become a Anime character ?
even if you are going to begin a cosplay from now on or you want to make Japanese memories.
Four-M is for such you.
only studio rental is ok.Please feel free to contact us.



Why don’t you change into a KIMONO (Yukata) and explore the city of Osaka?
Our service includes a photo shot at a professional studio and will be perfect to make great memories.
of course It is ok to just studio shooting.
Let’s try traditional Japanese clothing with walking to Osaka.



My Pet is cutest!
Every body think so.
Now, Anyone can take to good photographs. because developing smart phone and App.
We were pursuit the cuteness….And I glittered. My pet became to anime character!
It's lovely and fanny. Let’s make best memories.